What is Integral Sound Healing?

What is Integral Sound Healing

Integral Sound Healing is a powerful process which balances body, mind and spirit. It was developed by the Sound Healing Academy (formerly The Colour of Sound) and is a blend of modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, art and music therapy.

It looks beneath the symptoms of ill health to the root causes which may stem from:

> Suppressed emotions such as unexpressed grief

> Unresolved trauma – even going back to birth

These are often stored in the body and can lead to energetic blocks in the body.

When the root cause is integrated, energy begins to flow again and the body’s natural healing mechanisms are activated.

Sound healing simply facilitates the process. The body does the healing.

Integral Sound Healing is based on the work of cutting edge mind/body researchers such as:

> Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief

> Leonard Lascow’s Healing with Love

> Lynn McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment

> Mitchell Gaynor’s The Healing Power of Sound

> Jonathan and Andi Goldman’s, Healing Sounds

How Does It Work?

According to Harvard Medical School, 80% of serious physical and mental health challenges are linked to Chronic Stress.

> The sounds from carefully selected instruments entrain the body’s brain waves from an active Beta state (high levels of Beta are present in people who are stressed) to a more relaxed alpha state and then to a theta state where deep healing can occur. In this state the mind’s constant chatter is silenced and people often report a deep sense of calm and peace – many even fall asleep. In the theta state, it is possible to reprogramme the mind’s subconscious beliefs.

> The vibrations from sound healing instruments penetrate down to a cellular level (especially when placed directly on the body) relaxing tense muscles and tissues. This allows better blood flow and lymphatic circulation to aid detoxification. Pain and inflammation are relieved.

> Old blockages and traumas can be integrated in a safe way.

> Integral Sound Healing balances the autonomic nervous system. It strengthens the vagus nerve and hence the parasympathetic nervous system is activated helping people find more balance and calm.