Mantras Sound Healing Voicework

My journey with my voice from terrified to confident.

I’d like to share with you today a little bit about my own journey from being terrified to sing a note in public to using my voice as a healing tool in both 1 to 1 sound healing sessions, sound baths and even leading my own voice workshops.

When I was a child I loved to sing, I would hum away to myself in my room. I was in the church junior choir and later the school choir. But something happened when I was asked to sing a solo. My voice closed up and it became a hoarse whisper. I had performance anxiety. On my own I could sing happily and tunefully yet not in front of others. My voice gradually shut down as I got older.

Then I became ill with ME/CFS and my voice became very weak. I wasn’t around people so there were days when I didn’t even speak to anyone. I lost my joy.

Over 15 years ago, the turnaround happened. I had started to practise Transformational Breath and my health was improving. I attended a Voice and Breath workshop with Ange Leake. We did some breathing sessions and sang some simple songs. Ange emphasised to us that there were no wrong notes. She was so accepting of all our voices and gave us so much encouragement. I did several retreats with Ange and I remember on one retreat we were given 15 minutes to write our own song. We just went and did it! I remember the first verse of mine was:

I then did several Naked Voice weekends with Chloe Goodchild where we sang beautiful mantras and discovered our authentic sound. Chloe describes it as a “journey of self discovery”. My voice started to feel stronger and I felt more self empowered. My confidence grew.

The next stage was the first part of my sound healing training where we were encouraged to use our voice in sound baths. I remember my very first practice sound bath. I hit a bum note in the middle of it and immediately clammed up. Several participants were in choirs and my mistake didn’t go unnoticed. But I always tell students that we learn so much from our mistakes and I didn’t let that put me off. The following week I sang The Cherokee Morning Song and got great feedback. My confidence soared. Over the years I’ve gained confidence and even recorded my own sound healing album during Lockdown; it even included some vocal tracks.

Nowadays I have reached a stage where I can encourage others to reclaim their voice, to gain confidence and acceptance of how they sound. I’m not a singer, I have a low voice and struggle with high notes but I use my voice as a tool and keep within the register that’s comfortable. Sound healing with voice definitely isn’t about being a professional singer and it’s not about performance.

So my message to anyone who is nervous about using their own voice is that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Below you can hear one of my recordings of a Yuletide song.

If you’d like to start a journey of discovering of the power of your own voice, come and join us in Glasgow next month. We still have a couple of places on this Sound Healing with Voice weekend.

I’ll be writing a follow up article shortly describing some simple things you can do with your own voice for self-care.