Sound Healing

The Healing Power of Sound

Are you someone who finds it hard to meditate? Do you get restless and feel as if your mind goes into overdrive? Do you find it hard to relax and let go?

Taking part in a sound journey is often described by my participants as going into a deep meditation without the effort that it usually takes to get there. In fact, singing bowls are so powerful that they work even if we are trying to stay alert.

Personally I love to take part in sound journeys as a participant and I am aware of the part of my conscious mind that is trying to work out what the sound practitioner is doing – playing bowls or using chimes or a certain sequence. My mind gets intrigued and thinks, “Mmm, I must remember that”. But despite this, I always find that 10 minutes in, my mind just lets go, relaxes and I fall into a deep relaxation. I feel so relaxed that I get little tingles up and down my spine. I go on a journey. Sometimes I am totally unaware of where I’ve gone, other times I get guidance that’s relevant to my life. I might meet a spirit guide or receive a message from an angel. My inner critic and my thinking brain go quiet. They allow my intuition and inner guidance (what I like to call my wisest part) to shine through often with moments of great clarity. I return with a deep sense of calm and the knowledge that all my problems are going to work out and that I am ok.

As a practitioner, I tune into the energy in the room and am often in awe of the changes. I can hear people’s breathing change and feel tension dissipating; everyone is very still.  I also love the sharing part at the end where people share their experiences and some of the journeys they’ve gone on. This deep sense of calm permeates the studio. And I feel privileged to be able to channel this energy.

So what happens in a sound journey and what should I expect?

Singing bowls create vibrational energy which entrains our brain waves. Normally, when we go about our everyday business, our brain waves are in beta: thinking, doing, being busy. Then when we slow down and meditate, our brain waves slow into alpha and if we go really deep, they slow into theta. This is where the magic happens: our conscious mind lets go and our natural healing mechanisms kick in. Our muscles and blood vessels relax so the energy can flow more easily around the body. This is why we feel so deeply relaxed and nourished by sound. And since sound vibrates, different bowls and sounds will work on different chakras on the body helping to clear any blockages.

Come with an open mind and make sure you have a comfortable space at home where you can relax and not be distubed – have plenty blankets and pillows to hand.

Everyone has a different experience so leave your expectations at the door. All you have to do is lie down or sit in a comfortable position, relax and let go.  Allow your consciousness to really focus on the sounds, tune in and let them transport you to a different place. I play Koshi Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls, percussion, Shamanic Drum and Healing Voice. Breathe and relax. At the end, just lie in stillness for around 5 minutes as the sounds continue to work. Then I bring you gently back with a song or a poem. You have plenty of time to reground, drink some water and share your experience if you feel drawn too. The vibrations will stay with you for several days, having worked deeply on your body.

Sound Journeys take place regularly on Zoom. The next one is Friday 10th June. Details on the events page.