Integral Sound Healing Sound Healing

So how does Integral Sound Healing work?

Integral Sound Healing is a powerful process which balances the five levels of our being:

  • the physical (our body)
  • the emotional (our feelings)
  • the mental (our thoughts)
  • Soul (our inner wisdom)
  • Spirit (our higher guidance)

You can read about it here

But in this post I’d like to focus on how it works and what to expect when you have a 1 to 1 session.

Many of you will be familiar with the structure of a sound journey and how the sounds of singing bowls, gongs and other instruments entrain our brainwaves to a state of deep relaxation. Many people report sleeping really well after a sound bath and feeling more balanced in general.

But Integral Sound Healing is so much more. Deep relaxation is just the first part that allows us access to our subconscious beliefs. Working with these can facilitate change on a deep level. They can help us move forward from places we are stuck. They can help us let go of old emotions that are trapped in our bodies leaving us space to enjoy the present moment.

When you come for a 1 to 1 session we start with some coaching about where you are in life and what you would like to achieve. We then set a positive intention for your session. How would you like to feel? What would you like to have in your life?

The next part is quite magical. Once you are relaxed on the therapy couch I carry out an energy assessment with a chime bar. When you have energy blockages in the body, the sound of instruments will change – either suddenly dropping off or fizzing/getting louder. This allows me to hear which parts of your body and your biofield need attention. I work in 5 layers corresponding to the 5 levels of consciousness.

After playing some relaxing sounds to engage your parasympathetic nervous system (and the vagus nerve), I will then work with instruments directly on your body; that could be with singing bowls or tuning forks. The vibrations from these instruments will either break up blocked energy or nourish areas of depleted energy.

I always liken the energy flow in our bodies to a river that might have been dammed – the flow is held back and the water becomes stagnant while the ground on the other side of the dam may be arid/bone dry. Once the dam is removed (slowly and gently!) the river starts to flow again, the blockage is removed and the land on the other side receives the nourishment it needs. And so it is with our bodies. If we have a blocked chakra, the chakras either side may be depleted and need nourished.

So sound healing will allow whatever is suppressed in your body to be released – that could be old emotions, old grief, old anger or old thought patterns that no longer serve you. It could also be muscle tension as tuning forks, in particular, stimulate blood flow in the body by dilating the blood vessels. So you may feel warmth and tingling as the energy flow is restored.

A 1 to 1 Integral Sound Healing session is interactive: I may ask you to make sounds, to move your body, to sigh, to focus inside on a particular area, to use visualisation and other techniques to help this release.

There may also be some resistance to letting go. Often we fear the unknown: we prefer to keep old feelings even if they are painful and uncomfortable because they are familiar. Have you ever heard the saying “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”?

I prefer saying something like: “Why choose to stay with old pain, when you could recreate an amazing future full of joy and energy?”

Once we release what no longer serves us, there is a vacuum which we now fill. Now is the time when it’s important to remind ourselves of our new positive beliefs to replace the old, helping us to create new patterns. I will play gentle, harmonising sounds reminding you of your intention for this session.

After this I will use some shakers or a soft drum beat to ground you again so that you will feel back in your body after your journey. Then finally you will have some moments of silence. Sound healing is like throwing a stone into a pond – the vibrations will move through your cells like the ripples. It’s like taking a sonic pill which takes time to take effect. In fact, you will feel the effects for the next few days.

I’ll also encourage you to take charge of your own healing: between sessions, I might suggest a daily self care practice for you like playing your own sound healing instrument, or chanting a mantra daily or using vowel sounds. I might even give you some tracks to listen to on YouTube if you have sleep problems. You will get an After Care sheet too.

Integral Sound Healing is very much about taking charge of your own health. That way change comes much quicker.

If you would like to book a 90 minute session, please get in touch by emailing or texting 07756 490562. I look forward to hearing from you and accompanying you on your journey.