Sound Healing Training

Would you like to train to make a difference in people’s lives? Being a Sound Healing practitioner can offer a satisfying way to earn a living running sound baths, drumming circles and 1 to 1 therapy sessions.

There is lots of scientific evidence to show the effectiveness of sound healing on many levels of our being from positively influencing the nervous system to entraining our brainwaves to a relaxed state and encouraging blood flow to areas of tension in the body.

Morag has spent the last 3½ years as an Associate Teacher with the Sound Healing Academy, an internationally renowned training school with teachers in 4 continents. She is currently taking a break from running training courses but is looking forward to offering some new options in the new year.

She offers a wide range of courses:

  • half day introductions
  • one day courses
  • single instrument courses
  • online courses over Zoom.

Please see the Courses page for full details.