Sound Healing Instruments

Sound Healing Instruments

Morag has carefully assembled a large collection of beautiful sound healing instruments. For your individual or group session she will select what instruments are appropriate for your current challenges. You are also free to select a favourite instrument.

These may include:

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls
Tuning Forks
Healing Voice
Percussion instruments such as rainsticks, ocean drums, shakers, maracas
Steel tongue drum

Tibetan Singing Bowls are rich in overtones with a long sustain. They help slow down the brain waves into the alpha state of meditation. Placed on the body, the vibrations penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage. They can also be filled with warm water and placed on the back in a similar way to a hot stone massage. This is deeply relaxing.

Crystal singing bowls have beautiful pure, clear sounds. They have an angelic quality to them which creates a feeling of peace and harmony. They are made of 99.9% quartz and so contain all the qualities of quartz crystals. Quartz has the innate ability to amplify, transform, store, focus and transfer energy which is why it is used in the electronics industry. Likewise, the human body is said to contain crystalline structures which will transmit the sounds received from the bowls through our organs, tissues and cells. Being surrounded by these bowls is like being cocooned in a wall of sound.

Gongs. Morag has a beautiful 30” Paiste Symphonic Gong with a wide range of sounds and overtones. The range of overtones produced by the gong cuts through the mind’s internal chatter to a state of calm – even when played loudly. Morag is aware that gongs can be very powerful instruments bringing suppressed emotions to the surface and she uses her gong with care.

Tuning forks are great for 1 to 1 work and entrain the brain waves into a relaxed state very quickly. They are also very affordable and Morag often recommends that her clients works with these at home to make the sound healing sessions more effective.

Shamanic Drumming can take the listener into an altered state of consciousness where they go on a journey to meet their animal or spirit guides and receive guidance or insights into their lives. They also entrain the heart rate to a slow relaxed state.

Rainsticks and ocean drums give the feeling of being washed clean. Whatever has been released from the body is washed away. Other instruments such as maracas and shakers are often used for grounding at the end of session.