Sunday Sound Circles

Dates coming soon

Glasgow Unitarian Church
72 Berkeley Street
Glasgow G3 7DS

Sunday Sound Circles are a chance for you to combine some time for self care with learning new skills. I currently offer training courses with the Sound Healing Academy but realised that not everyone has the time for in-depth training preferring a taster of the main sound healing instruments.

So during these days we will learn some practical skills in the morning and in the afternoon we will have a sharing circle/ceremony followed by a relaxing sound bath.

For each meeting we will focus on a different instrument including Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, drums, gongs, tuning forks and even your own healing voice. We will also look at other instruments like koshi chimes, ocean drums, rainsticks, percussion instruments.

Each afternoon will have a different theme which may be related to the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the Full Moon or just time to share and reflect.

You can join us for just the morning, just the afternoon or for the whole day.

We will be in the same building that was formerly In The Moment which is owned by Glasgow Unitarian Church which is made up of people with different views, beliefs and values, celebrating Unity in Diversity – many beliefs, one faith.

In November we will have fun exploring some of the other sound healing instruments like koshi chimes, rainsticks, ocean drums, sansulas and steel tongue drums. In the afternoon we will take some time to reflect on where we are as we move towards the end of year celebrations. This will be a sharing circle.

Morning only: £30
Afternoon only: £30
Whole day: £60
Book direct at Ticket Tailor