Meet the Student Sound Healing

Meet the student: Sandra Hewson

In this series of blog articles I’ll be introducing you to some of the talented students who have completed both Level 1 and Level 2 of the Sound Healing Academy’s Integral Sound Healing course. This will give you some insights into how they have used sound healing both for their own self-care and professionally. 

First of all I’d like you to meet the amazing Sandra Hewson. Sometimes you are so grateful when the Universe brings someone into your life and Sandra is one of these people. I call Sandra my sound buddy as we both share the same passion for sound. Sandra has completed the Level 1 Multi Instrument course and is now working towards her Level 2 Diploma for 1 to 1 clients. You can meet her in person at the next Level 1 Sound Healing with Voice weekend in Glasgow where she will be assisting.

I asked Sandra how Sound Healing has changed her life.

“I have been interested in Sound Healing for many years but it was through meeting Morag and attending her in person workshop for the Level 1 Multi Instruments course, that I began to appreciate the effectiveness of this modality and it has become a passion for me.

I love to play with my drums, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks most days for relaxation and release of tight muscles or even to have an energy boost. I have also introduced them into my client sessions alongside my Kinetic Chain Release and subtle energy therapies.

Sound Healing is an enjoyable and easy way to help my clients to relax at the start of a treatment. The more relaxed they are, the easier and quicker it is to establish rapport and trust.

This helps them to allow me to guide them back into balance and to begin resolving the issue they attended with. It is also useful for grounding and integration at the end of a session.

Kinetic Chain Release(KCR) is a whole body treatment of gentle stretches and joint mobilisations which is designed to help bring the body back into balance and to provide stress and pain relief. I have also used tuning forks and Tibetan bowls alongside it as a way of assisting the release of areas that were very tight and painful, before continuing easily and effortlessly with the KCR protocol. This allows my clients to maintain their relaxed state and to address these areas more quickly and easily.”

More information about KCR can be found at where Sandra is listed as an Accredited Practitioner. You can also find her on Instagram under @sandrabhewson .

Thank you Sandra, for sharing your insights and your passion for sound healing. Next time we’ll be talking to Zoe Pearson who holds the Level 2 Groups Diploma.