Sound Healing

How to prepare for an online sound bath

All you need to know.
It’s been a while since I ran an online sound bath so I thought I would remind everyone of some ways to get the most out of the experience. It really is worthwhile taking your time to get yourself in the right space beforehand. If you have attended a live sound bath, listening over Zoom is different but equally effective. It’s a more intimate experience – you can really let go and relax in your own space. You don’t have to worry about travelling home afterward: you can turn over and drop off to sleep. And the sounds are delivered right into your ears with headphones – you choose the volume.

And remember, sound is energy – it travels through the ether, just like distance healing.

Here are a few technical and general tips to make it easier for you.

Things you can do right way:
1. You will need to open an account with Zoom. The basic package is free and allows you to take part in meetings organised by another host without time limit.

2. If you are going to attend the meeting via your laptop or desktop, Zoom Meeting will launch automatically when you click on the meeting link. But if you’re attending via your Smartphone or Tablet you will need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings App (Android) or I-Phone.

3. If possible I would recommend using your desktop or laptop as Zoom is much easier to navigate this way. But you can just use your phone and plug in your headphones.

Things you can do beforehand on the night:
Live concerts on TV use equipment worth thousands of pounds to create top quality sounds so please remember this when you tune in. It’s just me, a mic and my instruments. As a sound healing practitioner, I work with intention, unconditional love and an open heart. It is the energy of the sounds that’s important. However, there are some things you can do at your end to optimise your experience.

1. If you are using wi-fi, be as close to your router as possible. Make sure no one else in your household is streaming a film on Netflix or other activity that uses a lot of band width.

2. You may even want to use a wired connection. Check your download speeds with your Broadband provider. Upgrading your package might make a huge difference. I’ve checked mine and they’re really good at my end.

3. Make sure all other applications on your laptop, computer, phone or tablet are closed and not using up memory. Again, this will effect your experience.

4. Use good quality head phones. If you listen on a £3 cheap set, the quality won’t be good. I have a set of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones which are amazing. They really help you feel cocooned in the sounds. Similarly, if you just have a laptop, you won’t get good sound out the built-in speaker. Make sure you can easily change the volume as it will vary during the sound journey.

Preparing your space:
Imagine that this is like having a long soak in the bath and prepare yourself the same way.

1. Light a candle, burn some incense or palo santo, have your favourite crystals on an altar.

2. Create a nest: some blankets, pillows, soft lighting.

3. Make sure notifications are turned off on your computer and your phone is on silent. Ask your family not to disturb you for the evening unless it is really urgent.

4. Have some water nearby so that you can rehydrate at the end. A piece of fruit may also be useful to reground yourself.

Things to do as the meeting starts:
1. Arrive in plenty time. Allow time for Zoom to open. Sometimes my Zoom takes ages especially if I’ve just fired up my laptop.

2. If you haven’t used Zoom before, familiarise yourself with the menu. There is a chat tab at the bottom where you can send a message to everyone or individual people.

3. You can also change the screen view with a button at the top right and toggle between Gallery View (lots of square boxes) and Speaker View (where the person speaking is highlighted).

4. You can turn your video on and off as well as mute and unmute your microphone. I’ll ask you to turn your camera off during the actual sound part of the evening. At the end you can slip away quietly or turn your camera back on to join the sharing.

5. Another nice piece of advice for anyone who is a bit nervous: your web cam might distort how you look – we’re all in the same boat! So don’t be shy and turn on your video to say hello.

Most of all, come with an open heart, a positive intention for yourself and allow yourself to be mindful of whatever arise. Just like in real life, there may be interference, or slight hitches. But just be with whatever your experience is and go with the flow.

Our next online sound bath is on Sunday 12th February. It will be a joint Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath with Susie of Pause & Breathe CIC. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation so there are no yoga poses involved. You can book tickets direct online here.

Susie and I are really looking forward to connecting with you all.