Training Courses with the Sound Healing Academy

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Multi Instrument Courses

In our Level 1 Multi Instrument course you learn how to use 6 main sound healing instruments for your own personal self-care and working with friends and family. Or if you are already a therapist you may incorporate them into your existing practice. Includes:

Tibetan singing bowls
Crystal singing bowls
Tuning forks
Frame drums
Your own healing voice

Single Instrument Courses

Each course takes place over one weekend and focuses on one of the main sound healing instruments. You can choose from Tuning ForksDrumsTibetan Singing Bowls and The Healing Voice. Choose this option if you are just interested in one instrument or if you’ve completed Level 1 Multi Instrument and would like to learn more advanced techniques for your favourite instrument. And if you are a Level 2 student you can join the workshop only and get a credit for one of your level 2 instrument modules. As with the level 1 Multi you can choose to do just the workshop or the full certified course.