Drumming with the Four Elements of Nature

When we live in harmony with nature, the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air nourish and support us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Drumming is a great way to balance the elements and I’ll be chatting a bit about this today.

These four elements are present all around us and are essential to life. They are all inter-related: we need water to quench a fire that is out of control, we need air for fire to burn in the first place and earth can ground us when we have too much air (if we’re in our heads too much).

Each Astrological Star sign is linked to one of the elements. I am Taurus and an Earth sign so I feel happy when I’m out in Nature and connected to the Earth. We also have shamanic elements. Here I am Water and just love anything to do with water – being on a beach, being on or in the sea through swimming or a boat trip.

While I have lots of Earth and Water in my life, there are other elements I tend to neglect like Fire so I need to make a conscious effort to bring more Fire into my life. Sometimes I can lack that spark of creativity and struggle with motivation.

What about you? What elements are you naturally drawn to and which do you feel are lacking?

Here’s a quick summary of how you can use your drum to balance the elements.

In the next drumming circle/yoga nidra session with Susie and me, we will be connecting to our Inner Fire. Fire represents the solar plexus chakra – our energy, our spark, our motivation, our confidence and our personal power (in the positive sense of the word). It’s also about joy, laughter, warmth and love.

The drum is a great way to increase our energy levels and to feel empowered.

Try some simple upbeat rhythms with your drum, dance round the room with it and you will feel your energy rise. Fire chants like the one I recorded for you (see video link below) are also a great way to create that spark of motivation.

Earth is about being grounded in our bodies. Drumming outdoors is a great way to connect to the earth – ideally barefoot so that you can really feel the coolness of the Earth.  When we spend too much time at the computer or lost in our thoughts we can become disconnected from our bodies and drumming can help bring us back.

All life needs water to survive, plants wilt when they are too dry, our bodies can only live a couple of days without water. Blood is made up of about 50% water and this is what transports essential nutrients through our body. Water is also linked to our emotions. Drumming is excellent for helping us get in touch with our emotions and allowing our tears and our anger to flow.

Air is the commonest and most essential of the elements. We can only survive for about 5 minutes without oxygen. To bring more air into our lives we can really focus on our breathing, take yourself to a hill top or a windswept beach and take some deep breaths. Air is also linked to our mental level of being and our thoughts. We can have too much air and be stuck in our heads or we can feel brain fog and struggle to think. Smoothing our hand over our drum is a lovely way to connect with the air element. Singing is also a joyful way to open your lungs and allow more air into your body.

Have a think about where your life is out of balance and which element you need more of. If it’s fire, come and join us on Sunday 9th June for an uplifting and relaxing afternoon.

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