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The wonders of gongs


Our featured instrument this month is the mighty gong, the king of sound healing instruments.

The gong is such an adaptable instrument for sound healing. You can play it very gently and softly to produce waves of soothing vibrations which can quickly send people into a deep altered state of consciousness. One of my regular participants reports that she never hears anything of the sound bath after I start playing the gong. She drops off into a deep, restful sleep. Yet she still gets the benefits of the vibrations. For me as a participant, gentle gong playing in a sound bath sends little tingles up and down my spine and soon takes me to a place where I feel very safe, nurtured and relaxed – it’s like being cocooned in beautiful sounds.

When the volume is slowly raised, it can penetrate deep into the body shifting stubborn blockages and cutting through mental chatter. I store a lot of tension in my solar plexus at times and I really feel the gong’s vibrations releasing all the tightness and opening it up.

In March I had the privilege of spending a whole day learning about flumis (special rubber balls that create wonderful sounds when pulled across the gong surface) from Bear Love, the UK flumi expert and manufacturer. After a whole day of gong vibrations my stiff back had relaxed and the pain had gone.

Symphonic gongs (like the one pictured above) produce a large range of overtones helping the mind to switch off. This is why so many people fall asleep when the gong is played. They are wonderfully versatile gongs producing a wide range of tones.
22" Wind Gong with Beater | Gong, Gongs, Wind
You may think that gongs are only for skilled sound healers costing thousands of pounds and you can only dream of owning one. Well, the good news is that anyone can own a gong. Wind gongs are relatively cheap to buy and also produce some beautiful sounds. They start at 14 inches and go up to 35 inches though 18 inches is the largest that you can really hold. Large ones need a gong stand.

Wind gongs are easy to play. Take the mallet and simply use gentle upward or downward strokes, slowly building up the sound but at the same time, pausing to give the sound time to blossom. They can be wafted over the body giving the receiver a feeling of the wind (hence the name!).

A word of caution, if you’re thinking about attending a gong bath, check the practitioner is well qualified. If gongs are played insensitively and too loudly, they can bring old trauma to the surface. So do your research. You can also read my blog post about how to choose a sound bath.

One of Bear Love’s gongs – an 80 inch beauty


Sound Healing

Not all sound baths are the same

If you’ve never been to a sound bath, you might be unsure what to expect as there are so many different ways of working with sound.  Sound baths are definitely not all the same!

  • Some sound baths involve loud gongs
  • Some have crystal bowls played really loudly
  • Others might have only 1 or 2 instruments (mostly Tibetan bowls or most crystal bowls)
  • While others might feature a range of instruments.
  • Other sound baths are more gentle focusing on relaxation.

There are sound baths out there to suit everyone but not all sound baths will be suitable for everyone. There are a number of contraindications you should be aware of. I list these on my booking site.

So how do I know what to expect?

Check out the person’s website. What level of training do they have? Many people say they are sound healing practitioners after only a few days training while others have completed a 1-year or a 2-year diploma course with one of the main British sound healing schools.

Contact them and ask them how loudly they play their instruments. Some people love loud gongs. Others just find them too much.

Some people are very sensitive to sound and can be triggered by the intensity of crystal bowls which are very powerful.

Is the practitioner well trained or someone who has just bought a set of bowls? Would they know what to do if you started to feel emotional?

Does the person have a background as a musician or are they an experienced therapist? Both may have completely different approaches to how they run a sound bath. It shouldn’t be a performance but a therapeutic, relaxing experience.

A good practitioner will play for their audience (not to their audience). They will keep an eye on the reactions of their participants. I always let people know that if any sounds make them feel uncomfortable, they can give me a wave and I will change them. I watch people as I play. I watch for restlessness or people looking uncomfortable. Hands over the ears are a sure sign they’re not happy. I placed my hands over my ears recently at a sound bath – the crystal bowls were causing me physical pain. The person leading the sound bath didn’t notice.

As a teacher I hear many stories of people being traumatised by sound baths with sounds played too loudly and insensitively. Recently someone reported feeling physically sick and dizzy. They approached the practitioner and were met with a shrug of the shoulders.

As sound healing becomes more well-known, many people are setting themselves up without proper training. Do your research, ask them questions, get referrals from friends. All these will ensure you book with the right person for you and have a good experience. Stay safe. Sound baths, when handled sensitively, can be a wonderful therapeutic, relaxing experience allowing the body to really let go and sink into deep rest.

Meet the Student Sound Healing Tuning Forks

Meet the student: Natalie Minnis

This week we will be talking to Natalie Minnis who completed the Level 1 Multi Instrument course in the summer of 2022. She runs her own mountain guiding business and is qualified as a hypnotherapist.

Natalie has been loving working with her instruments for self healing. Here’s what she says about them.

“Sound healing was one of these things I always wanted to do, mainly because I love the sound of Tibetan bowls, and I’ve often listened to them on YouTube while meditating or just for relaxation. My reasons for doing a sound healing course were quite vague – I just wanted to do it.

I loved the course, and what surprised me was the power of healing sounds. Healing sound can bring about quite dramatic changes of mood, emotional release, visions, colours… Listening to the sounds of bowls, drums, gongs and other instruments can inspire ideas and motivation. It’s a very different experience from going to a concert or listening to a symphony. I will definitely be doing more courses in sound healing.

I use my instruments on a daily basis, sometimes for self-care and sometimes just as a break between one activity and another, as I work from home. My instruments are in another room, which has a nice view from the window, so I’ll go and play the bowls, or turn over the rain stick while enjoying the view. If I’m feeling irritated or “out of sorts” I use the tuning forks for rebalancing. Tuning forks were one of the great surprises of the sound healing course for me. Before I tried using them, I couldn’t imagine how they might work, but I’ve found them surprisingly powerful.

My frame drum sits beside me as I work, and every now and then I pick it up and tap it with my hands. The vibrations from it are very powerful and I feel them around my head and chest.”

You can find out more about Natalie on her website.


Sound Healing

How to prepare for an online sound bath

All you need to know.
It’s been a while since I ran an online sound bath so I thought I would remind everyone of some ways to get the most out of the experience. It really is worthwhile taking your time to get yourself in the right space beforehand. If you have attended a live sound bath, listening over Zoom is different but equally effective. It’s a more intimate experience – you can really let go and relax in your own space. You don’t have to worry about travelling home afterward: you can turn over and drop off to sleep. And the sounds are delivered right into your ears with headphones – you choose the volume.

And remember, sound is energy – it travels through the ether, just like distance healing.

Here are a few technical and general tips to make it easier for you.

Things you can do right way:
1. You will need to open an account with Zoom. The basic package is free and allows you to take part in meetings organised by another host without time limit.

2. If you are going to attend the meeting via your laptop or desktop, Zoom Meeting will launch automatically when you click on the meeting link. But if you’re attending via your Smartphone or Tablet you will need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings App (Android) or I-Phone.

3. If possible I would recommend using your desktop or laptop as Zoom is much easier to navigate this way. But you can just use your phone and plug in your headphones.

Things you can do beforehand on the night:
Live concerts on TV use equipment worth thousands of pounds to create top quality sounds so please remember this when you tune in. It’s just me, a mic and my instruments. As a sound healing practitioner, I work with intention, unconditional love and an open heart. It is the energy of the sounds that’s important. However, there are some things you can do at your end to optimise your experience.

1. If you are using wi-fi, be as close to your router as possible. Make sure no one else in your household is streaming a film on Netflix or other activity that uses a lot of band width.

2. You may even want to use a wired connection. Check your download speeds with your Broadband provider. Upgrading your package might make a huge difference. I’ve checked mine and they’re really good at my end.

3. Make sure all other applications on your laptop, computer, phone or tablet are closed and not using up memory. Again, this will effect your experience.

4. Use good quality head phones. If you listen on a £3 cheap set, the quality won’t be good. I have a set of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones which are amazing. They really help you feel cocooned in the sounds. Similarly, if you just have a laptop, you won’t get good sound out the built-in speaker. Make sure you can easily change the volume as it will vary during the sound journey.

Preparing your space:
Imagine that this is like having a long soak in the bath and prepare yourself the same way.

1. Light a candle, burn some incense or palo santo, have your favourite crystals on an altar.

2. Create a nest: some blankets, pillows, soft lighting.

3. Make sure notifications are turned off on your computer and your phone is on silent. Ask your family not to disturb you for the evening unless it is really urgent.

4. Have some water nearby so that you can rehydrate at the end. A piece of fruit may also be useful to reground yourself.

Things to do as the meeting starts:
1. Arrive in plenty time. Allow time for Zoom to open. Sometimes my Zoom takes ages especially if I’ve just fired up my laptop.

2. If you haven’t used Zoom before, familiarise yourself with the menu. There is a chat tab at the bottom where you can send a message to everyone or individual people.

3. You can also change the screen view with a button at the top right and toggle between Gallery View (lots of square boxes) and Speaker View (where the person speaking is highlighted).

4. You can turn your video on and off as well as mute and unmute your microphone. I’ll ask you to turn your camera off during the actual sound part of the evening. At the end you can slip away quietly or turn your camera back on to join the sharing.

5. Another nice piece of advice for anyone who is a bit nervous: your web cam might distort how you look – we’re all in the same boat! So don’t be shy and turn on your video to say hello.

Most of all, come with an open heart, a positive intention for yourself and allow yourself to be mindful of whatever arise. Just like in real life, there may be interference, or slight hitches. But just be with whatever your experience is and go with the flow.

Our next online sound bath is on Sunday 12th February. It will be a joint Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath with Susie of Pause & Breathe CIC. Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation so there are no yoga poses involved. You can book tickets direct online here.

Susie and I are really looking forward to connecting with you all.


Integral Sound Healing Sound Healing Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks – the most versatile of sound healing instruments

In this post I’d like to tell you a bit about an overlooked sound healing instrument and that is the humble tuning fork. It doesn’t look exciting like a large gong or sexy like white-frosted crystal singing bowls. It doesn’t even have an air of mystery like some Tibetan singing bowls. When I run training courses, students are always a bit apprehensive beforehand but that reaction always turns to joy and amazement when they discover the powerful effects of tuning forks.

A student recently told me, “Tuning forks were one of the great surprises of the sound healing course for me. Before I tried using them, I couldn’t imagine how they might work, but I’ve found them surprisingly powerful.”

Tuning forks really are such versatile sound healing instruments:

  • you can carry them around in your handbag (I do!)
  • you can use them in quiet therapy centre settings where you couldn’t use a loud gong
  • they are light and relatively inexpensive.

They look a bit cold and clinical but when held at the ears, they emit lovely clear tones which instantly entrain your brainwaves. You can sink down into the alpha-theta healing zone or you can use different tones to energise yourself and stimulate a sluggish brain – that could mean waking up your creativity or feeling more mentally alert.

They are helpful for many conditions like:

  • stress and anxiety
  • sleep problems
  • nervous system balance
  • digestive problems and many more.

These are unweighted tuning forks usually played at the ears or in the biofield. I also work with weighted tuning forks which are amazing first aid tools. If you have tight painful muscles, you can use a weighted fork to relax them. If you have a sprain, a strain, bruising or other injury, regular use of a fork will speed up the healing process.You can use a large weighted tuning fork for lymphatic drainage.  A fork placed on the sacrum at the bottom of the spine sends soothing vibrations through the body stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve.

There are also tuning forks for chakra balancing tuned to different frequencies. There are tiny angel tuners that you can use the cleanse and recharge your crystals. Brain tuners can take your brainwaves down to delta (a sleep state) or up to beta (our wakened alert state).

The 528 hertz solfeggio tuning fork has been called the love frequency and is reputed to help with DNA repair. I love this fork as it brings me a feeling of peace and safety.

If you’d like to find out more about how to use these wonderful instruments I am excited to announce a very special offer for the month of January 2023 only. If you book on my next tuning fork workshop (18th/19th March) you will receive a whole 20% off the regular price. The offer applies to the full certified course which includes access to online resources, a 1 to 1 coaching call and assessment of your workbook leading to a Level 1 Certificate.

See here for details of this amazing Level 1 Course in Glasgow.

Meet the Student Sound Healing

Meet the student: Sandra Hewson

In this series of blog articles I’ll be introducing you to some of the talented students who have completed both Level 1 and Level 2 of the Sound Healing Academy’s Integral Sound Healing course. This will give you some insights into how they have used sound healing both for their own self-care and professionally. 

First of all I’d like you to meet the amazing Sandra Hewson. Sometimes you are so grateful when the Universe brings someone into your life and Sandra is one of these people. I call Sandra my sound buddy as we both share the same passion for sound. Sandra has completed the Level 1 Multi Instrument course and is now working towards her Level 2 Diploma for 1 to 1 clients. You can meet her in person at the next Level 1 Sound Healing with Voice weekend in Glasgow where she will be assisting.

I asked Sandra how Sound Healing has changed her life.

“I have been interested in Sound Healing for many years but it was through meeting Morag and attending her in person workshop for the Level 1 Multi Instruments course, that I began to appreciate the effectiveness of this modality and it has become a passion for me.

I love to play with my drums, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks most days for relaxation and release of tight muscles or even to have an energy boost. I have also introduced them into my client sessions alongside my Kinetic Chain Release and subtle energy therapies.

Sound Healing is an enjoyable and easy way to help my clients to relax at the start of a treatment. The more relaxed they are, the easier and quicker it is to establish rapport and trust.

This helps them to allow me to guide them back into balance and to begin resolving the issue they attended with. It is also useful for grounding and integration at the end of a session.

Kinetic Chain Release(KCR) is a whole body treatment of gentle stretches and joint mobilisations which is designed to help bring the body back into balance and to provide stress and pain relief. I have also used tuning forks and Tibetan bowls alongside it as a way of assisting the release of areas that were very tight and painful, before continuing easily and effortlessly with the KCR protocol. This allows my clients to maintain their relaxed state and to address these areas more quickly and easily.”

More information about KCR can be found at where Sandra is listed as an Accredited Practitioner. You can also find her on Instagram under @sandrabhewson .

Thank you Sandra, for sharing your insights and your passion for sound healing. Next time we’ll be talking to Zoe Pearson who holds the Level 2 Groups Diploma. 

Mantras Sound Healing Voicework

My journey with my voice from terrified to confident.

I’d like to share with you today a little bit about my own journey from being terrified to sing a note in public to using my voice as a healing tool in both 1 to 1 sound healing sessions, sound baths and even leading my own voice workshops.

When I was a child I loved to sing, I would hum away to myself in my room. I was in the church junior choir and later the school choir. But something happened when I was asked to sing a solo. My voice closed up and it became a hoarse whisper. I had performance anxiety. On my own I could sing happily and tunefully yet not in front of others. My voice gradually shut down as I got older.

Then I became ill with ME/CFS and my voice became very weak. I wasn’t around people so there were days when I didn’t even speak to anyone. I lost my joy.

Over 15 years ago, the turnaround happened. I had started to practise Transformational Breath and my health was improving. I attended a Voice and Breath workshop with Ange Leake. We did some breathing sessions and sang some simple songs. Ange emphasised to us that there were no wrong notes. She was so accepting of all our voices and gave us so much encouragement. I did several retreats with Ange and I remember on one retreat we were given 15 minutes to write our own song. We just went and did it! I remember the first verse of mine was:

I then did several Naked Voice weekends with Chloe Goodchild where we sang beautiful mantras and discovered our authentic sound. Chloe describes it as a “journey of self discovery”. My voice started to feel stronger and I felt more self empowered. My confidence grew.

The next stage was the first part of my sound healing training where we were encouraged to use our voice in sound baths. I remember my very first practice sound bath. I hit a bum note in the middle of it and immediately clammed up. Several participants were in choirs and my mistake didn’t go unnoticed. But I always tell students that we learn so much from our mistakes and I didn’t let that put me off. The following week I sang The Cherokee Morning Song and got great feedback. My confidence soared. Over the years I’ve gained confidence and even recorded my own sound healing album during Lockdown; it even included some vocal tracks.

Nowadays I have reached a stage where I can encourage others to reclaim their voice, to gain confidence and acceptance of how they sound. I’m not a singer, I have a low voice and struggle with high notes but I use my voice as a tool and keep within the register that’s comfortable. Sound healing with voice definitely isn’t about being a professional singer and it’s not about performance.

So my message to anyone who is nervous about using their own voice is that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Below you can hear one of my recordings of a Yuletide song.

If you’d like to start a journey of discovering of the power of your own voice, come and join us in Glasgow next month. We still have a couple of places on this Sound Healing with Voice weekend.

I’ll be writing a follow up article shortly describing some simple things you can do with your own voice for self-care.

Sound Healing

The beauty of crystal singing bowls and why they’re so special

Since I started studying Integral Sound Healing I’ve become fascinated by how different sound frequencies can clear deep-rooted and long-standing energy blockages in the body as well as promote general health and well-being. In that time I’ve loved expanding the range of tools or instruments that I bring to my sound journeys.

Recently I invested in a chakra set of 7 beautiful white frosted crystal singing bowls which I really love: I frequently set them out in the living room and get totally lost in their exquisite sounds.

So what is it that makes crystal singing bowls so special? And what can they add to a sound journey?

Well firstly, crystal singing bowls have beautiful pure, clear sounds. They have an angelic quality to them which creates a feeling of peace and harmony. Nothing scratches or grates. They have a long sustain and amazing harmonic tones.

Crystal singing bowls are a by-product of the electronics industry. They were originally used to make components for microchips as they could withstand very high temperatures. Somewhere along the line, sound healers found that they created beautiful healing sounds and they are now made specifically for sound healing. They are made of 99.9% quartz and so contain all the qualities of quartz crystals. Quartz has the innate ability to amplify, transform, store, focus and transfer energy which is why it is used in the electronics industry. Likewise, the human body is said to contain crystalline structures which will transmit the sounds received from the bowls through our organs, tissues and cells. Hence, having a strong positive intention is very important when working with crystal singing bowls.

Because they produce exact notes and pure tones, they are very effective in chakra balancing and can be used on and off the body. Placed directly on the body they give the client a direct experience of the vibrations moving through blocked chakras removing deep, ingrained physical, emotional and mental imbalances and getting to the root of issues. Long standing pain can be alleviated as the emotional blocks behind the pain are removed. If you have a long-standing back problem for example, you may not even be aware of the fact that you are creating tension through the way you stand or hold yourself – you may be protecting your back from further injury and so creating tension. Once you become aware of this, the pattern can be released, the natural energy flow restored and the back pain vanishes as if by magic.

Finally the frequencies of crystal singing bowls have the abilities to affect our brainwaves slowing them down from our daily waking state of beta into the relaxed meditative state of alpha or even deeper into the theta state where we can change our subconscious beliefs and activate our bodies’ own healing. The most common feedback that I receive from participants at my regular sound events is that they have never felt so relaxed. And it feels effortless – like meditation without the work it usually takes to get there. There is a very special silence at the end of a sound bath as people slowly start to become present again.

So crystal singing bowls can bring us back to our natural state of balance returning our chakras, aura and physical body to its natural vibration and flow.

I love playing my crystal bowls as they allow me to enter totally into the present moment. Absorbed in their sounds I feel at one with my bowls.

If you’ve never experienced the wonders of crystal singing bowls, I’ll be doing a special meditation with them at my next sound bath – to help you relax into the sound bath and connect with your emotions.  There will also be Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, some Shamanic drumming, koshi chimes and healing voice. I’m so looking forward to sharing my beautiful bowls with you.

Next sound journey: Friday 10th June

Integral Sound Healing Sound Healing

So how does Integral Sound Healing work?

Integral Sound Healing is a powerful process which balances the five levels of our being:

  • the physical (our body)
  • the emotional (our feelings)
  • the mental (our thoughts)
  • Soul (our inner wisdom)
  • Spirit (our higher guidance)

You can read about it here

But in this post I’d like to focus on how it works and what to expect when you have a 1 to 1 session.

Many of you will be familiar with the structure of a sound journey and how the sounds of singing bowls, gongs and other instruments entrain our brainwaves to a state of deep relaxation. Many people report sleeping really well after a sound bath and feeling more balanced in general.

But Integral Sound Healing is so much more. Deep relaxation is just the first part that allows us access to our subconscious beliefs. Working with these can facilitate change on a deep level. They can help us move forward from places we are stuck. They can help us let go of old emotions that are trapped in our bodies leaving us space to enjoy the present moment.

When you come for a 1 to 1 session we start with some coaching about where you are in life and what you would like to achieve. We then set a positive intention for your session. How would you like to feel? What would you like to have in your life?

The next part is quite magical. Once you are relaxed on the therapy couch I carry out an energy assessment with a chime bar. When you have energy blockages in the body, the sound of instruments will change – either suddenly dropping off or fizzing/getting louder. This allows me to hear which parts of your body and your biofield need attention. I work in 5 layers corresponding to the 5 levels of consciousness.

After playing some relaxing sounds to engage your parasympathetic nervous system (and the vagus nerve), I will then work with instruments directly on your body; that could be with singing bowls or tuning forks. The vibrations from these instruments will either break up blocked energy or nourish areas of depleted energy.

I always liken the energy flow in our bodies to a river that might have been dammed – the flow is held back and the water becomes stagnant while the ground on the other side of the dam may be arid/bone dry. Once the dam is removed (slowly and gently!) the river starts to flow again, the blockage is removed and the land on the other side receives the nourishment it needs. And so it is with our bodies. If we have a blocked chakra, the chakras either side may be depleted and need nourished.

So sound healing will allow whatever is suppressed in your body to be released – that could be old emotions, old grief, old anger or old thought patterns that no longer serve you. It could also be muscle tension as tuning forks, in particular, stimulate blood flow in the body by dilating the blood vessels. So you may feel warmth and tingling as the energy flow is restored.

A 1 to 1 Integral Sound Healing session is interactive: I may ask you to make sounds, to move your body, to sigh, to focus inside on a particular area, to use visualisation and other techniques to help this release.

There may also be some resistance to letting go. Often we fear the unknown: we prefer to keep old feelings even if they are painful and uncomfortable because they are familiar. Have you ever heard the saying “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”?

I prefer saying something like: “Why choose to stay with old pain, when you could recreate an amazing future full of joy and energy?”

Once we release what no longer serves us, there is a vacuum which we now fill. Now is the time when it’s important to remind ourselves of our new positive beliefs to replace the old, helping us to create new patterns. I will play gentle, harmonising sounds reminding you of your intention for this session.

After this I will use some shakers or a soft drum beat to ground you again so that you will feel back in your body after your journey. Then finally you will have some moments of silence. Sound healing is like throwing a stone into a pond – the vibrations will move through your cells like the ripples. It’s like taking a sonic pill which takes time to take effect. In fact, you will feel the effects for the next few days.

I’ll also encourage you to take charge of your own healing: between sessions, I might suggest a daily self care practice for you like playing your own sound healing instrument, or chanting a mantra daily or using vowel sounds. I might even give you some tracks to listen to on YouTube if you have sleep problems. You will get an After Care sheet too.

Integral Sound Healing is very much about taking charge of your own health. That way change comes much quicker.

If you would like to book a 90 minute session, please get in touch by emailing or texting 07756 490562. I look forward to hearing from you and accompanying you on your journey.


Sound Healing

The Healing Power of Sound

Are you someone who finds it hard to meditate? Do you get restless and feel as if your mind goes into overdrive? Do you find it hard to relax and let go?

Taking part in a sound journey is often described by my participants as going into a deep meditation without the effort that it usually takes to get there. In fact, singing bowls are so powerful that they work even if we are trying to stay alert.

Personally I love to take part in sound journeys as a participant and I am aware of the part of my conscious mind that is trying to work out what the sound practitioner is doing – playing bowls or using chimes or a certain sequence. My mind gets intrigued and thinks, “Mmm, I must remember that”. But despite this, I always find that 10 minutes in, my mind just lets go, relaxes and I fall into a deep relaxation. I feel so relaxed that I get little tingles up and down my spine. I go on a journey. Sometimes I am totally unaware of where I’ve gone, other times I get guidance that’s relevant to my life. I might meet a spirit guide or receive a message from an angel. My inner critic and my thinking brain go quiet. They allow my intuition and inner guidance (what I like to call my wisest part) to shine through often with moments of great clarity. I return with a deep sense of calm and the knowledge that all my problems are going to work out and that I am ok.

As a practitioner, I tune into the energy in the room and am often in awe of the changes. I can hear people’s breathing change and feel tension dissipating; everyone is very still.  I also love the sharing part at the end where people share their experiences and some of the journeys they’ve gone on. This deep sense of calm permeates the studio. And I feel privileged to be able to channel this energy.

So what happens in a sound journey and what should I expect?

Singing bowls create vibrational energy which entrains our brain waves. Normally, when we go about our everyday business, our brain waves are in beta: thinking, doing, being busy. Then when we slow down and meditate, our brain waves slow into alpha and if we go really deep, they slow into theta. This is where the magic happens: our conscious mind lets go and our natural healing mechanisms kick in. Our muscles and blood vessels relax so the energy can flow more easily around the body. This is why we feel so deeply relaxed and nourished by sound. And since sound vibrates, different bowls and sounds will work on different chakras on the body helping to clear any blockages.

Come with an open mind and make sure you have a comfortable space at home where you can relax and not be distubed – have plenty blankets and pillows to hand.

Everyone has a different experience so leave your expectations at the door. All you have to do is lie down or sit in a comfortable position, relax and let go.  Allow your consciousness to really focus on the sounds, tune in and let them transport you to a different place. I play Koshi Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls, percussion, Shamanic Drum and Healing Voice. Breathe and relax. At the end, just lie in stillness for around 5 minutes as the sounds continue to work. Then I bring you gently back with a song or a poem. You have plenty of time to reground, drink some water and share your experience if you feel drawn too. The vibrations will stay with you for several days, having worked deeply on your body.

Sound Journeys take place regularly on Zoom. The next one is Friday 10th June. Details on the events page.