Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing Tuning Forks Voicework

Summer Self Care

The great thing about the power of sound is that you can easily integrate it into your daily life.  There are so many different ways to bring sound into your life from passive listening to YouTube tracks to more actively playing your own sound healing instrument. Here are some suggestions:

If you have your own frame drum, get out into nature and drum, preferably bare foot. It’s a great way to ground yourself and connect to nature and the element of Earth (see last month’s newsletter). If you don’t have a drum, I have a few beautiful starter drums for sale.

If you’re lucky enough to have other instruments like crystal bowls, take them out into the garden – they will love being recharged by the sun.

Use your voice. Something simply like humming is very healing. Humming vibrates in our nasal cavities: great if you have hayfever. It also stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system helping us relax when we feel stressed. 30 years ago my dad used to go around the house humming and whistling to himself. He must have known subconsciously that it was healing.

There are other exercises you can do with your voice like using vowel sounds to balance your chakras. Try Jonathan Goldman’s 7 minute chakra tune up.

A mantra practice is a wonderful way to vibrate your body and help shift blockages. Mantras aren’t just for those with spiritual beliefs. The vibrations of the different sounds give your body an internal massage. Try chanting Om three times, then close your eyes and feel the effects.

Buy a singing bowl, a tuning fork, a crystal bowl or even a gong and use sound on yourself. It’s so effective. I use my tuning forks daily. I have a few Himalayan bowls and tuning forks for sale.

If you’d like something more passive, maybe something to help you sleep, there are a huge number of free resources online from sound baths and gong baths on YouTube to sound meditations. Try Meditative Mind or Good Vibes. This 741 hertz frequency video is one of my go-tos when I feel tired or stressed.

I have my own YouTube and SoundCloud channels that are packed full of free resources and you can even stream my sound healing album on Spotify. Just look up Sound Balance Scotland. You can also find some videos on my own website including the beautiful Green Tara Mantra.

If you’d like to support me directly my sound healing album is available for only £14 as a CD or £10 for an mp3 download. I have some sound bath recordings available as mp3 downloads for only £5 each including a Grounding Sound Bath.

And finally I’m still available for 1 to 1 Integral Sound Healing sessions if you have a specific physical, emotional or mental health issue that you’d like to work on. Or come and book a private sound bath with a friend. You get to chill out on a reclining arm chair with lots of cosy blankets and eye masks. Just get in touch for details.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer whether you’re staying at home or off to some exotic location. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and going on a 4 day painting course next month.