About Morag

Morag is a sound healing practitioner based in Central Scotland. She offers 1 to 1 sessions in Integral Sound Healing in Falkirk and runs regular sound baths and drumming circles in both Falkirk and Glasgow.

She also travels out to community groups, yoga studios and companies to run sound baths, drumming circles, laughter yoga and meditation sessions as well as Transformational Breath® workshops.

She is also an Affiliate Teacher with the Sound Healing Academy running a wide range of courses online and in-person.

She became interested in complementary therapies nearly 30 years ago after being diagnosed with ME/CFS. Mainstream medicine offered her little support and she spent many years housebound, in constant pain accompanied by many neurological symptoms, immune system disturbances, allergies and digestive problems as well as exhaustion.

Over the years she explored many therapies on her journey back to health and became interested in sound healing for the deep relaxation and extra energy it brought her. She has a deep understanding of what it’s like to live with a long-term chronic health condition and is able to empathise with clients who feel stuck.

She has now embarked on a new journey of sharing the power of sound healing. She also believes that the body has amazing natural healing capacities when we learn how to tap into them, relax and let go. She really walks her talk as she herself has gone from struggling to climb the stairs at home to recently climbing Skiddaw in the Lake District.

As a child, Morag loved to sing and play the piano. As she got older, she lost touch with her musical background and during her illness, her voice became very weak. Sound healing has really helped her get back in touch with this side of her personality and she has gone from someone who was terrified to sing a note in public to loving using the healing power of her voice during her sound journeys.

Morag is also a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator and a Laughter Yoga Teacher. She believes that learning should be fun and loves to empower people to take charge of their own lives.

What people say about Morag:

“I would highly recommend sound healing sessions with Morag. I found it has helped me greatly with dealing with the recent passing of both my parents which affected my mental and physical health. This has really lifted my spirits also, as I feel I can now look forward to the future with a clearer mind and a strong physical body.”

Susan W (Case Study)

“Morag is wonderful. Natural, friendly and her delivery of the course was incredible. I felt safe and nurtured and supported. Morag is very natural and made the course very fun and enjoyable. I loved it, [Tibetan bowls] are definitely going to be part of my life moving forward.”

Amanda B. Tibetan Singing Bowls student