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Summer Self Care
I am taking a break from running sound baths over the summer but I have written a blog post full of suggestions about how you can use sound for your own self care this summer. Working with sound on yourself is very empowering whether you need something to calm your find before sleep or whether you’d like to raise your energy levels with some drumming. Read it here.

New venue
Monthly sound baths have moved to a lovely new venue, The Place to Pause & Breathe in Bonnybridge near Falkirk. People coming from Glasgow and the west will find it much easier to reach as it’s only 30 minutes drive from Charing Cross, Glasgow.

Pause and Breathe is a Community Interest Company who have received funding to set up their own centre. It’s a lovely cosy space with nice acoustics. They are making us feel very welcome and we have a programme of sound baths booked till May 2024. See our events page for full details. 

Sound Healing Training

Morag is taking a break from running training courses. If you would like to receive news of new courses when they are finalised please contact me at

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